Art Director with 20 years digital and technical UI/UX experience working within the agencies at various levels.

Strong attention to latest trends in the marketplace and creative strategies in the retail digital industry. Working with some of the largest retailers in online, building direct response visuals and storyboards, engineering complete lead generation campaigns and creating innovative technologies for use in the B2B or B2C markets. Engaging and forming strong partnerships and creating unique cutting edge campaigns that exceed expectations every time.

Branded Media

Creating alignment with creative for suppliers to help them engage with publishers.

Branded Media Work Samples

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Designing, building and developing a distinctive look and feel, giving your project a lasting impression.

Digital Work Samples

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Direct Marketing

Analyzing market trends in combination with client directive to create compelling media.

Direct Response Work Samples

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Passionate about designs as well as the results, and dedicated to helping you get exactly the results you want.

Print Work Samples

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