Ball Canning
Ball was looking for new way to showcase their complete line of jars and tools for canning. They were working on a new video to showcase their lineup.
Making jam is the easiest to ways to can, so featured a mixed berry jam to get people excited. The page then went on to feature what jars you should in the canning process, whether it was for jams and jellies, sauces, to pickles.
We wanted to showcase the variety of recipies from jams, jellies, to pickles to encourage and inspire people to start canning, and all tools used to make these easy to do recipes. Thus creating an easiest transition for the value added products to create larger cart order. Finally featured all the various jars in the complete Ball lineup.
Ball and Walmart were very excited with the complete showcase and easy of use of how we made it so you can, can with the of all their products available both in-store and online.
Client: OldSpice
Role: Creative strategy, direction and execution
Award: 2017 District Silver, Local Gold Award