Keurig 2.0 Launch
Keurig was wanting to launch a new line of brewers to the marketplace. They were looking to help drive awareness of the new machines as well as the new lid technology that would read the "new" Kcups.
As part of the launch for the new product line, they were also working with the in-store merchandising team as well for a August 25th midnight launch.
Some of the unique features and execution included a countdown clock on media banners throughout site as well as in store merchandizing to match. Both Walmart and Keurig were extremely impressed with the launch that we did 3 more brand experiences and well as a partnership with Splenda for Valentine's Day.
The Keurig campaign resulted in more than 90MM shopper impressions exceeding sales and performance goals.
Client: Keurig 2.0 Launch
Role: Creative strategy, direction and execution
Award: 2015 Local Silver