OldSpice Legends
Once again, OldSpice was wanting to push the boundaries with a new type of interactive video element. They were going to shoot the legendary hero from the chest up and another group of videos from the chest down. They were looking to have us blend the two videos together to create a custom/seamless interactive with the option of choosing what the "legendary" hero was going to do - combo up.
We worked with coming up with all the flip options for the top and bottom video similar to an old school alarm clock. Next was integrating the videos with with the timelines so that when a customer selected the top it would go to that place in the video timeline, same for the bottom video/option when selected.
Mobile strategy, we knew that the mobile video part of the project created a problem with the various types of phones on the market and how the video would interact with the various player by default. So we chose about 10 different options from wild to mild for the top that also would match to the bottom with the same humor, and created animated gifs of those clips.
The client and Walmart were very excited and once again helped push OldSpice to creating some most unique brand experiences on Walmart.com
Client: OldSpice
Role: Creative strategy, direction and execution
Award: 2017 District Silver, Local Gold Award